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Tumblr Insights: Election 2012 Report

With the U.S. presidential campaign already off to a roaring start, news from the Republican primary contests has been a major topic across Tumblr. As we near another crescendo in Florida, we were curious how the campaign—from the numerous debates and rallies, to election ads and gaffes—has played out so far in terms of the type and quantity of attention received by each candidate on Tumblr.

The first graph shows how frequently each candidate’s name appeared in posts. The second shows other tags most frequently associated with each candidate. We’re most impressed with the viral power of one creative concept blog: When Rick Perry’s Unpopular Opinions sprang up as a parody of one of Perry’s campaign videos, he easily became the most blogged candidate overnight.

Our Insights team will be bringing you more data as the campaigns progress!

Is LULAC youth following this movement?

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